Constables save man from burning car

Kapiti Mayor Janet Holborow with Constables Edward Dunn, Julian Morehu, and Vienna Williams
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Three Kāpiti-Mana constables were presented bravery awards by Kāpiti Mayor Janet Holborow at the Kāpiti Council today.

Mayor Holborow says the actions of the three constables were truly heroic and on behalf of the community thanked them for their bravery and devotion to duty.

What happened: At about midnight on 27 March 2022, Constable Williams and two colleagues responded to an accident at 30 Golf Road, Paraparaumu, where a car had left the road, gone down a steep driveway and was resting at an angle on a bank. The engine was revving and starting to smoke.

Constables Dunn, Morehu and Williams were the first emergency responders on the scene and noted that the vegetation surrounding the car and an adjacent fence were on fire. Concerned neighbours informed them that the driver was still in the vehicle.

The Constables immediately ran down the driveway to attempt to rescue the driver. They could not access the driver’s side of the car due to the flames so they went to the passenger side but both doors were locked. Constables Dunn and Williams used their batons to break the windows and opened the doors. By this time the car was full of thick acrid smoke.

Constable Williams partially entered the rear area of the car and called out to the driver to try to get him to move towards her, however he remained unresponsive. Constable Dunn also attempted to enter the car to drag the driver out however, he was unsuccessful. Constable Dunn returned up the driveway to the patrol car to get a fire extinguisher. Constable Williams was joined by Constable Morehu and given, the increasing intensity of the fire, they assessed the need to quickly get the driver out. Constable Morehu entered the car through the front passenger door and managed to manoeuvre the driver part way out of the car. With the fire increasing in intensity, Constable Williams assisted him to drag the driver out and clear of the burning car. With the help of Constable Dunn they got the driver to safety and commenced to administer first aid prior to the arrival of emergency services.

The brave and timely actions of the three Constables resulted in the successful rescue of the driver from the burning car. The driver later acknowledged to Police that, if it hadn’t been for the quick actions of the three Constables, he would have lost his life.

Constables Dunn, Morehu, and Williams received a standing ovation from councillors, staff and a packed public audience.