Police Bust Suspected Drug Dealer

A Wellington man is scheduled to reappear in court next month facing multiple charges of importing large quantities of various controlled drugs. This follows a collaborative investigation by NZ Police and NZ Customs, dubbed Operation Maserati, into the importation and supply of methamphetamine, cocaine, GBL, and ketamine throughout the Wellington region.

Detective Senior Sergeant Hamish Blackburn of the Wellington District Organised Crime Unit announced that the charges stem from five search warrants executed across the Wellington District over the past week. During these searches, authorities also recovered a firearm from a vehicle allegedly used to transport the drugs.

The 33-year-old suspect, currently in custody, is due to reappear in Wellington District Court on 5 July. Additional charges are anticipated as the investigation progresses.

The joint operation began after Customs detected several significant drug importations into Wellington City. Rachel Manning, Chief Customs Officer of Regional Investigations, stated, “Customs is pleased that the range of intelligence we were able to gather and analyse has alerted our Police partners to this criminal activity and helped them break up what was a significant drug-smuggling operation.”

DSS Blackburn added, “We will continue our enquiries with offshore partner agencies to identify the source exporting these drugs to New Zealand. Police and Customs are committed to identifying and disrupting the importation of these drugs which target our communities. We are dedicated to holding offenders accountable and ensuring the safety of New Zealanders.”

Authorities encourage anyone with information to report it to their local Police Station or anonymously through Crime Stoppers at 0800 555 111. Those affected by drug addiction are urged to seek help via the Alcohol and Drug Helpline at 0800 787 797, or by texting 8681.

The charges against the accused man include:

  • 2 counts of supplying Fantasy substances
  • 2 counts of supplying methamphetamine
  • 2 counts of conspiracy to deal Class A drugs
  • 2 counts of conspiracy to deal methamphetamine
  • 2 counts of possession of methamphetamine for supply
  • 1 count of possession of cocaine for supply
  • 2 counts of importing methamphetamine
  • 2 counts of importing Fantasy substances
  • 2 counts of importing stimulants/depressants
  • 1 count of failure to carry out obligations for computer search

The investigation remains ongoing as authorities work to dismantle the network responsible for the drug operations in Wellington.