Earthquake Prep for Porirua Residents

Be Prepared Porirua. Follow these handy tips from WREMO Experts.
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A magnitude 4.1 earthquake struck 27km north of Wellington at 10pm on 4 June 2024, with the epicentre around 10km north-west of Porirua.

In light of this recent event, it is crucial to review your earthquake preparedness. The immediate response during an earthquake should be to Drop, Cover, and Hold. For those in a tsunami zone, if an earthquake lasts more than one minute or is strong enough to make standing difficult, evacuate immediately to higher ground or as far inland as possible.

To enhance emergency preparedness, check if you live, work, or play in a tsunami zone by visiting the WREMO website ( Plan and practice your evacuation route regularly. Prepare a Grab Bag with essential items for quick evacuation.

Create a Household Plan that includes a safe meeting place and knowledge of your child’s school emergency procedures. Familiarise yourself with your neighbours, as they will be your first source of support. Identify your nearest Community Emergency Hub at

Ensure your home is quake-safe by securing tall furniture. Store emergency water, with 20 litres per person per day for seven days being ideal. Maintain a seven-day emergency food supply by purchasing extra items gradually. Have a battery-powered radio for updates during power outages.

Taking these steps now ensures you and your community are ready to face potential disasters.

For more information, visit the WREMO website at , where you can also find tips on preparing on a budget.